About the R3ptile

You certainly know it yourself – you’ve stayed working late or you’ve just finished your last pm lecture at school. You are starving and would eat anything that tastes well, has a good ingredient list and does not take long to prepare, preferably ready-to-eat. So you enter the supermarket with this goal in mind and wander from shelf to shelf, searching and analyzing what suits your needs and desires. We were in such situation one afternoon of 2014 and just left the shop with bare hands. This was the first impulse to found R3ptile and to design first Cheat Spread.

What does R3ptile
/ˈɹɛp.taɪl/ mean?

As the kickstarting moment for the birth of R3ptile was hunger for uncompromising nutrition, the design of our logo embodies fierceness and courage not to be satisfied with the status quo. The name of the brand formed simultaneously with the logo.

The mere inspiration was our fascination with neuroscientific term "reptile brain", which is the centre in the brain ensuring the functioning of the basic instincts, emotions, moods and needs that shape human nature day in, day out.

People behind the dream


R3ptile is Michal's dream coming true. The founder & the CEO and the main person behind the brand story and its values.


All those instagram pictures making you drool all over your phone - it's all Jana's work. Also, she is the one communicating with you on our social.


The girl coordinating everything, so that it all eventually works.


It takes guts to run our production and Dominik has all what it takes! He makes sure that each and every ingredient in the jar that you get is just as it should be.


If you’ve ever wondered, who creates the different Cheat Spreads - this is your guy. The masterchef. The guy whose sense of taste is at its finest.